Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stopping the Clock

If I wait too many more days to write something, I'll miss the chance to claim I really was once only forty years old. I don't like forty, but it's better than what comes next.  Here are the primary things on my mind:
  • I don't like checking boxes on official forms that lump me in the 40-50 category.
  • I'm that much further away from earning the trust of the, "Never trust anyone over 30," believers.
  • My children are more hip and cool than I can ever claim to be again, and have now decided it's their mission to make me dress more stylishly.  You should see the girls debating the youthful-merits of a blouse or skirt and their horror when I suggest something I actually like.
  • I can't believe my oldest is only home for 5 more years before heading off to college.  I'm clearly no longer the biggest influence in her life..that role goes to her peers, and maybe Instagram?  Yikes!
  • It's inexplicable to me that I find myself feeling like I'm somewhere between 17 and 28, but my driver's license is irrefutable, contrary evidence.
  • I'm actually pondering what life would be like as an empty-nester.  I have a several years to go, but the realization that my family dynamics aren't permanent is an eye-opener.
I've also hit the middle-age crisis wherein I've been assessing my life, and recognizing that small decisions I made years ago have set my current course.   If I hadn't looked on a map for golf courses in NY where would I be now?  There's a million and more moments that have shaped who I am, and where I am, yet I'm still astonished when I examine my life.

All said, I propose counting down, rather than adding another year, at my next birthday.  I'm certain I can tame the time-space continuum. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mascara and eyeshadow and lipstick, oh my!

It's happened.  My almost 12 year old girl is now officially a make-up wearing middle-schooler.  It started with her putting on my clear lipbalm, then it progressed to flavored chapsticks with a hint of color like cherry or orange flavor, then before I knew it, she was looking at the make-up isle in Walgreens debating one lip gloss over another.  From there is was an easy transition to using her "for dance performances only and other special occasions" mascara and eyeshadow along with daily doses of bright pink on her lips, eyelids and cheeks. 
And it's not just her.  While my 10 year old denies all culpability, the slight shimmer on her cheeks in a shade that's just not natural is a dead give away (along with the overpowering scent of the only perfume I own wafting about in her bedroom and closet). 
I'm sure my 6 year old is next.  After all, this week his sisters painted the nails on his thumbs, and his "feet thumbs," a lovely shade of lime green.  I might as well take them all to the make-up counter at Nordstrom so they can at least learn from someone with more skill than I have about how to properly wear make-up in the right colors and amounts for burgeoning tweens.   

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nothing has changed in five years, except everything.

Five years is a long time to go between posts.  In this time we've moved back to Utah, JL and I started a business that led to him leaving corporate life, and I now work full-time either from home or at our offices.  I never would have guessed this is where we'd be in 2013.  Here's the rundown:

David is now a Lego-obsessed kindergartner who spends at least 7 hours a day creating ninjas, Star Wars characters, flying machines with small plastic pieces.  Several times each day he'll present his latest work of art and give me a review of all its features (maneuverable wings, detachable space pod, secret light saber compartment, etc.)  His favorite thing about kindergarten is recess, and he's found some friends to have ninja adventures with during them.  He's blonde, blue-eyed, as fair-skinned as me, and loves to cuddle on the couch.  He has four night-lights in his room, but this doesn't keep him from sneaking into my bed when he has a nightmare.    

Gigi is now a sophisticated fourth-grader.  She's as smart as ever, is the official family finder of lost objects (thanks to an almost photographic memory), and enjoys dance and gymnastics.  She's very conscientious about fashion, be it her hair style or her apparel, and nothing slips past her.  JL and I often speak French when we don't want the kids to understand, and I swear she's deciphered enough to figure out what we're talking about.  She's known for her infectious giggle--one that really does cause everyone within earshot to look for the source of such a happy sound.

Cleo is the second smallest sixth-grader at her school (and there are twelve sixth-grade classes).  She's incredibly creative, and often surprises me by re-arranging the furniture in her room, writing something really clever, or crafting a keepsake.  Along with Gigi, she takes piano, dance and gymnastics lessons, and it seems like she never walks into a room, she leaps.   Now that she's 11, I am no longer allowed to have input on what she wears nor how she styles her hair (at least not much). 

JL works for me, or maybe I work for him, or we just work together.  Several years ago we began selling specialty children's products online, and to our great surprise we now employ over 30 people, have two warehouses, and are quite busy.  We are lucky to work from home (mostly) and really enjoy what we do.  JL calls it a logistics business, I call it retail.  We've even opened a store in our hometown.

As for me, I'm no longer a great housekeeper (if I ever was), and at this time of year I'm reading fewer books than I'd like too, but I'm happy.  My kids entertain and delight me.  JL still makes me laugh after 18 years.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September Updates

Yes, I'm getting very lazy about posting here. Mostly I find that I don't have any creative spin to write with, and when I do, I spend that moment of productivity playing Candyland, packing school lunches, taking out the trash, or sneaking in a chapter of whatever I'm reading at the moment. But, so you know, things are good.

Cleo started first grade and now occasionally eats more than a bite or two of her sandwich at school. She's also taking art lessons and begins ballet today. She is lucky to be in the same class as two of her best friends from last year so it's the same moms hanging out before and after school, and the same group for play dates, etc.

Gigi began pre-school this week. She likes it in concept, but gets teary when it's time for mom and dad to leave. So far she's liked it, and seems to talk non-stop about the projects she's working on, the rules of the classroom, and how she wants to be just like Sharpei (in High School Musical). She's also starting ballet classes, which fits her desire to be a diva.

David is a great sleeper, but has a cold right now so he's up a fair amount. He's almost six months old, and huge! I think he weighs at least 20 pounds and will confirm that next week at his check-up. He's starting to crawl, and when he sees something he wants nothing can stop him from crossing the room to get to it (except walls, shoes, tables, chairs, a distracting toy.) His eyes are still bright blue and even his ripples have ripples.

I'm a busy person these days with constant meetings and projects at Cleo's school and at church. Diet Coke keeps me going most days, along with help from my spouse and nice friends who are willing to carpool my kids when I'm behind.

JL is back at work and busy as ever. He's not able to put off work travel for any longer and will be overseas for a week in October, and other trips closer to home.

OH--gotta run, I can hear David in his crib growling that he is awake.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why Blog When You Can Nap?

It's been a whirlwind 12 weeks since David joined our family. Things are going really, really well. He's so easy going, sleeps up to 6 hours in a row at night, and doesn't mind being carted to school, ballet, swimming lessons, or shopping. He does drool a lot, and spits up fairly frequently, but is such a doll I happily clean his face-shirt-arms-pants.

Here's some funny things that have been said since he joined our family.

By Dad: He's a reasonable baby.

By Cleo: Do you need me to stay home from school to help take care of David?

By Gigi: (After a discussion of stretch marks) Good job stretching, Mom.

Aunt Heidi: David forgot to get in the chin line in heaven, but got in the nose line twice.

My recovery from the C-section went quite well. I'm walking upright and am pain free--neither of which I was at this point after having Cleo.

David, to his credit, now weighs in at 14 pounds (exactly what Cleo weighed at 12 months, and Gigi was at 14 months.) It's bizarre to have an average sized baby--they eat and sleep so much better than a preemie does! He feels so sturdy and strong compared to my other two children when they were young.

Naturally, I'm tired, and am looking forward to sleeping through the night, but now that I'm getting up to 6 hours in a row life has become quite manageable.

I'm having issues with my computer--so no pictures for this post. I'm crossing my fingers for a Digital SLR for my birthday, so with luck I'll get some great pictures soon.

In other family news, Cleo's last day of kindergarten was celebrated today with a luau. I still can't believe she's a school girl, though now that she wears glasses (pink or purple depending on the outfit) she looks a bit older despite being so tiny. She's already looking forward to first grade and told me in the car that we need to start shopping for"a really pretty pair of jean-pants with hearts on them and a cute shirt with a rainbow for the first day of first grade."

Gigi is now signed up for pre-school. After agonizing over where to send her and not finding any options I was happy with, I got a slot in our city run program that's only a mile from our house! Beginning in September, she'll go three mornings a week. She's so smart, but I worry about her being shy with strangers and crying about leaving me like she does at primary. Also, it's been exactly three years since we adopted Gigi! I can't believe it's gone so fast. Just this week I befriended someone through school who is from the same province as Gigi and she invited me to visit her family there anytime we visit. Wahoo!

JL is still working away. After taking a hiatus from work travel because of our addition, he's now gearing up for more travel--possibly international. As long as I get enough sleep I'm okay with this, though of course I'd rather have him home.

Lastly, if anyone is looking to buy a cheap house in Virginia, let me know. Our home there is like a big black hole--sucking money and time and giving back nothing but anxiety.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


David Calder

  • Born Sunday March 16th, at 1:07 am (missing his parents 12th wedding anniversary by an hour)
  • 10 days late
  • 7 lbs 8 oz
  • 20 inches
  • Prominent nose, dimpled chin, and blond hair with a hint of red (just like his oldest sister)
  • Born via C-section after 16 hours of induced labor due to low heart-rate and failure to progress
Mom and baby are doing well and his big sisters are smitten. Dad is also recovering well and learning what the life of a stay-at-home-mom and parent of three is all about.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


For Christmas I was given a paperwhite bulb kit. The instructions were easy and they were guaranteed to bloom within 4-6 weeks of planting them in the provided pot. Thinking it would be fun, I postponed planting the bulbs until 6 weeks before I was due and told myself that when the flowers blossomed I'd have the baby.

I've been watching my paperwhites for 7 weeks now. They've sprouted multiple 12 inch green stocks, but week after week they've failed to blossom. I've (my doctor and I) have decided that it's not longer important to have the flowers bloom at the same time I have the baby, and to go ahead and induce tomorrow.

I'm excited, but leery, knowing that this really increases my chances of having a c-section, and the OB was quick to tell me that if things don't go perfectly routinely that a c-section is likely to happen. I was even told by my doula that she's surprised they are even still letting me try for a VBAC, since I'm a week overdue, and they are more successful earlier on.

My next post, whenever that may be, should announce the arrival of our baby! Wish me luck!