Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why Blog When You Can Nap?

It's been a whirlwind 12 weeks since David joined our family. Things are going really, really well. He's so easy going, sleeps up to 6 hours in a row at night, and doesn't mind being carted to school, ballet, swimming lessons, or shopping. He does drool a lot, and spits up fairly frequently, but is such a doll I happily clean his face-shirt-arms-pants.

Here's some funny things that have been said since he joined our family.

By Dad: He's a reasonable baby.

By Cleo: Do you need me to stay home from school to help take care of David?

By Gigi: (After a discussion of stretch marks) Good job stretching, Mom.

Aunt Heidi: David forgot to get in the chin line in heaven, but got in the nose line twice.

My recovery from the C-section went quite well. I'm walking upright and am pain free--neither of which I was at this point after having Cleo.

David, to his credit, now weighs in at 14 pounds (exactly what Cleo weighed at 12 months, and Gigi was at 14 months.) It's bizarre to have an average sized baby--they eat and sleep so much better than a preemie does! He feels so sturdy and strong compared to my other two children when they were young.

Naturally, I'm tired, and am looking forward to sleeping through the night, but now that I'm getting up to 6 hours in a row life has become quite manageable.

I'm having issues with my computer--so no pictures for this post. I'm crossing my fingers for a Digital SLR for my birthday, so with luck I'll get some great pictures soon.

In other family news, Cleo's last day of kindergarten was celebrated today with a luau. I still can't believe she's a school girl, though now that she wears glasses (pink or purple depending on the outfit) she looks a bit older despite being so tiny. She's already looking forward to first grade and told me in the car that we need to start shopping for"a really pretty pair of jean-pants with hearts on them and a cute shirt with a rainbow for the first day of first grade."

Gigi is now signed up for pre-school. After agonizing over where to send her and not finding any options I was happy with, I got a slot in our city run program that's only a mile from our house! Beginning in September, she'll go three mornings a week. She's so smart, but I worry about her being shy with strangers and crying about leaving me like she does at primary. Also, it's been exactly three years since we adopted Gigi! I can't believe it's gone so fast. Just this week I befriended someone through school who is from the same province as Gigi and she invited me to visit her family there anytime we visit. Wahoo!

JL is still working away. After taking a hiatus from work travel because of our addition, he's now gearing up for more travel--possibly international. As long as I get enough sleep I'm okay with this, though of course I'd rather have him home.

Lastly, if anyone is looking to buy a cheap house in Virginia, let me know. Our home there is like a big black hole--sucking money and time and giving back nothing but anxiety.


Loralee Choate said...

I cannot WAIT to see you in July! YIPPEE!!!

I call dibs on holding the baby. (I can't wait till you post photos, either!)

Melanie said...

Yeah for Amy posting! I've been dying to know how things were going! I'm jealous in advance of the SLR camera. I'm working on Travis, trying to fit it in the budget by Christmas. Thanks for all the info! Your girls are growing up so fast. Can't wait for pics!!

Claudia said...

So glad to have you back in bloggerland! Thanks for the update - sounds like you are doing a stellar job juggling three happy kids!

Jill said...

Wow! David is sleeping 6 hours solid at night. Barrett still hasn't managed that unless he's already in our bed. Are you coming to Utah this summer? If you are we'll have to get together with Marnie and this time I'll be the one without a baby.

angela michelle said...

Hilarious that Cleo has her outfit planned! I can't believe Cleo and Gigi were so tiny! You do sound very serene and competent. Can't wait to see pictures of that boy.

Karen said...

I'm glad I ran into your update today! It's great that things are going so well with the wee one. And I'm with Cleo... I also need a nice shirt with a rainbow on it.

Sarah said...

So glad everything's going well for all of you! Sleep is a beautiful thing. Sadie has reverted to waking up every four hours or so. Oy.

Any luck selling your house? We are in the same boat- it's soooo discouraging!!!

Tamee said...

Amy, blog more! Ok I'll just call you later.