Thursday, September 11, 2008

September Updates

Yes, I'm getting very lazy about posting here. Mostly I find that I don't have any creative spin to write with, and when I do, I spend that moment of productivity playing Candyland, packing school lunches, taking out the trash, or sneaking in a chapter of whatever I'm reading at the moment. But, so you know, things are good.

Cleo started first grade and now occasionally eats more than a bite or two of her sandwich at school. She's also taking art lessons and begins ballet today. She is lucky to be in the same class as two of her best friends from last year so it's the same moms hanging out before and after school, and the same group for play dates, etc.

Gigi began pre-school this week. She likes it in concept, but gets teary when it's time for mom and dad to leave. So far she's liked it, and seems to talk non-stop about the projects she's working on, the rules of the classroom, and how she wants to be just like Sharpei (in High School Musical). She's also starting ballet classes, which fits her desire to be a diva.

David is a great sleeper, but has a cold right now so he's up a fair amount. He's almost six months old, and huge! I think he weighs at least 20 pounds and will confirm that next week at his check-up. He's starting to crawl, and when he sees something he wants nothing can stop him from crossing the room to get to it (except walls, shoes, tables, chairs, a distracting toy.) His eyes are still bright blue and even his ripples have ripples.

I'm a busy person these days with constant meetings and projects at Cleo's school and at church. Diet Coke keeps me going most days, along with help from my spouse and nice friends who are willing to carpool my kids when I'm behind.

JL is back at work and busy as ever. He's not able to put off work travel for any longer and will be overseas for a week in October, and other trips closer to home.

OH--gotta run, I can hear David in his crib growling that he is awake.


Melanie said...

Yeah!! I'm glad to hear things are going well! What a busy family of five. I wish I could just squeeze your little guy!

angela michelle said...

I had a feeling I should check out your blog today and voila here you are. The goddess of bloggin is guiding me. :)

Sounds like all the right kinds of stress. Gigi is already into Sharpai? Zoinks! (Although Roscoe--now 13--sings her "fabulous" song with aplomb so I'm clearly in no spot to raise any eybrows.)

Danielle said...

I so want to see you all and to meet David. I'm thinking of you. D-

Karen said...

It's good to hear from you and it sounds like your plenty busy!

Jill P. said...
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Jill P. said...

Thanks for the update. What a crazy life. Justin would be happy if I neglected my blog more often. I still wish we'd managed to get together over the summer. Oh well. Let me know next time you'll be in town.

Miss Grace said...

Hey thanks for stopping by!
It sounds like you have a really lovely family.

Marie and Jeremy said...

Hi Amy!
Where have you been and where has your blog been hiding? So is Cleo sporting the pink tights and leotard nowadays? When I think of ballet that's what comes to mind. Hair tight in a bun too, fun fun. Is David officially 20+ pounds? I bet he's sitting up by now, we can't wait to see him again!